I write outstanding optimised content for your website

I'll make sure your written content turns those SURFER audit ticks green.

UK writer. 600+ pages of SurferSEO content created. Unbeatable value.


I am a specialist writer who creates exceptional content using SurferSEO.

Want an audit to be full of those 'No Action Required' green ticks?

I'm your man.

I've been writing digital content for 15 years. I have a meticulous eye for detail and everything I write flows beautifully, naturally includes all your key phrases, and converts your traffic. I also have outstanding research skills - I'll write about your niche like an industry professional.

I'm not your average gig writer either. I'm at my desk 8-10 hours a day.

I'm a professional SEO writer with an unbeatable work ethic.


   What can you expect?   

When we work together, you get exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.

No excuses, no delays. Just great optimised content.

Precise writing

I understand writing for SEO - and I also understand consumer psychology and sales. As a result, you get effective optimised content and copy that drives conversions.

Perfect audits

If it's on a Surfer audit and I can put a green tick next to it - I will.

You new content won't just read better than your competitors, it'll tick all those important SEO boxes too. 

Great communication

Need to talk? No problem. I'm at my desk from at least 9-5 and I'm happy to email, message, or talk about your project. I'm also happy to give you honest objective feedback.

  What do my clients say?  

"Stephen just gets the job done. I don't think I've ever had to request any edits. The content is exactly what we need and it's always quickly turned around."

Tim Bailey - SEO Lead - Impact Creative

"I've worked with Stephen for over 5 years, during that time, he has quickly grasped the content that we have required. He has used clever wording and tone of voice to enrich the content that we produce, this includes blog articles, editorial content and also web copy. He has been able to pick up the industry terminology amazingly fast and from there on our relationship has continued to progress."

Matthew Marley - Digital Marketing Manager - CreditFix Ltd

"Stephen is by far the best content writer I have worked with to date. I've hired him to write over 250,000 words and I am seriously impressed by his ability to research the topics and use Surfer to optimise each one correctly. Rankings and conversion rate are both up"

Nathan Wilde - CEO - EasyMerchant.com

   How much?   

How much does it cost to create and optimise outstanding content for your site?


per word


19p per word (around $0.27 in USD)

I'm happy to adjust this price if you're looking for an on-going relationship with consistent numbers of articles.


   Let's talk!   

Want to discuss a project or ask a question? Call, instant message, SMS, email - I don't mind! Just get in touch!