• Stephen Kelly

Dealing with limited numbers of key phrases and words on Surfer

It can feel like a pain in the ass when you're trying to write thousands of words but Surfer's telling you to only include 1-2 exact keywords! Here's are a few tips that'll help you work around these limitations and keep those ticks green!

Working with limited numbers of keywords

When you write about something 'naturally', you'll tend to use the name of the product or your main page's keyword/phrase repeatedly.

It makes total sense. I've got a dog called Kevin. If someone told me to write 1,000 words about my dog, I'd probably use the word 'Kevin' 15 times.

The trouble is, those 15 keywords might put a big fat red alert on my page audit.

So, what happens if you've only got 2-3 exact keywords to use?

Using niche synonyms

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